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Mariwan Jalal - Welcome to Gallery

'When I think about life, its happy times and its sad times, it depresses me to see the unhappiness and fighting that is destroying my homeland still today. Since a young age and especially when I was growing up I realised all I wanted to do was to bring about peace and create a better country. Only when I reached a certain level in my education and began studying Art at a high level was I able to express my growing sadness about my country through art, and in particular convey these feelings to others. Colours, lines and shapes became important aspects of my life and daily living, so much so that they became my friends, my words and my tongue, and they were at view for others to see. I am not a writer but colours, lines and shapes are my tool for writing and conveying messages to other people. Although pain, fear and sadness are negative feelings, through art they can be conveyed in a beautiful way; because art is beautiful. My aim is to portray positive issues and ideas using art to create a sense of happiness for mankind – the colours will be come brighter, the lines more free and the shapes will dance, so that life in general will become more colourful and fulfilled. Finally art will speak for itself and will not longer need the explanation of the artist as it leave a legacy'.